The purpose of the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University Biostatistics and Bioinformatics shared resource (BBISR) is collaboration in clinical, laboratory, population sciences, prevention, and molecular cancer study design and analysis. With such collaborations, we aim to bridge related disciplines through the implementation of both novel and conventional methods, where appropriate, focused on the acquisition, representation, retrieval, and analysis of existing and emerging data to better understand cancer biology, to speed and improve the development and evaluation of new cancer therapies, to improve methods of cancer risk assessment, early detection and prevention, and to study the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and its aftermath via quality of care assessment, survivorship, symptom management and control.


Gene Expression


NextGen RNAseq

Methylation Array


SNP array

Phase I, II & III ROC Curves

Biomarker Enrichment Designs

Retrospective Data (chart reviews)

Bayesian Adaptive Trial Designs

Survival Data, or Clinical Trials Other Data?


Directed by Jeanne Kowalski, PhD, the Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BBISR) is a team of faculty & staff with a range of expertise in clinical, laboratory, population & genomic study design & analysis whose expertise includes:
· Genomic Study Design & Analysis
· Biomarker Trial Design & Analysis
· Bayesian Multilevel Modeling
· Bayesian Survival Analysis
· Novel Bayesian Phase I Trial Designs


· Optimize study design
· Improve research quality
· Strengthen study power
· Assure that study design addresses study aims
· Resolve statistical issues hassle-free
· Assure study aims are met
· Assure appropriate application of statistical methods
· Increase manuscript acceptance, funded research and trial approval